Custom Foot Orthotics

custom foot orthotics hamilton ontarioCustom foot orthotics are shoe inserts or insoles prescribed and fitted for a specific person, by a qualified practitioner such as a podiatrist or chiropodist. Custom foot orthotics are designed to improve an imbalance in the foot by supporting and aligning the foot.

Custom foot orthotics are specially designed to be worn inside the shoe to control or correct abnormal foot function and/or accommodate painful areas of the foot. Properly designed custom orthotics fitted by a chiropodist may compensate for impaired foot function, by controlling abnormal motion across the joints of the foot. Custom foot orthotics are very comfortable, as they are custom made to fit a specific patient’s feet.

While over-the counter arch supports may help the occasional patient with minor arch discomfort, they frequently fail because they don’t properly control foot function and/or do not properly fit the patient’s feet.

How do Custom Foot Orthotics Work?

Custom orthotics control abnormal position and movement of the foot, thus correcting an abnormal or irregular, walking pattern. While standing or walking, the heel and mid foot are held in a more stable position by the custom foot orthotics, allowing the foot to function more efficiently by slightly altering the angle at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.

What Problems Can Custom Foot Orthotics Solve?

Custom foot orthotics help prevent some of the complications of the chronically unstable foot such as strained ligaments caused by abnormal pronation (turning out of the heel and forefoot).

Well designed and custom foot orthotics fitted by a chiropodist or podiatrist can also solve many related problems such as ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip and spinal pain and even headaches, all by preventing misalignment of the foot (which can significantly alter the way bones move within their joints.)